WA Oceanafest 2015

Hello and WELCOME to WA OCEANAFEST for 2015!

The aim of the competition is to assess the culinary skills and abilities of Chefs, Cooks, Pastry Chefs, Apprentices, Armed Forces Personnel, Industrial Caterers, Training Providers and Home Cake Decorators.

The Australian Culinary Federation of Western Australia (ACFWA) is proud to stage the 2015 WA OCEANAFEST. It must be noted that this competition is now recognised by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), as a continental event and as such is subject to WACS competition rules & guidelines

It is worth noting that this event will be based entirely on the categories, rules and judging criteria as specified by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), which are used in such prestigious events as the Culinary Olympics, the Culinary World Cup and Food Asia.

Many Countries, Interstate & WA establishments have already expressed an interest in competing in the Event; and we, as the organising Committee are confident that the already high standard of the competition will not only be maintained but will be enhanced.

The ACF WA has taken great care in ensuring that the judging criteria conform to International standards and practices. The judges (who are all WACS & ACF accredited) have been carefully selected to give a balance of modern and traditional cuisine.